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This is a progress report on the Verify Recall Petitions for Gov. Scott Walker.
























The RPW ( Republican Party of Wisconsin) has announced last night that they have run out of…


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Help Wisconsin Govenor Scott Walker

Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin.  Changes he (and their legislature) put in place took the state from the Red to the black.  Now the unions are working to recall him. 


If you are interested in a way that you can help from your home, you can sign up at the The process sounds a lot like what we will be doing to verify voter registrations later in 2012.

We are working with Verify The Recall to help verify the recall signatures. …


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Too Bad America Didn't Listen

This was said by Newt in the 1980's.....Does it sound/look familiar to anyone?? Gingrich wrote in the Conservative Digest: "The Democratic Party is now controlled by a coalition of liberal activists, corrupt big city machines, labor union bosses and House incumbents who use gerrymandering, rigged election rules and a million dollars from taxpayers per election cycle to buy invulnerability. When R…

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Candidate Forum Wednesday 11-30-11


Just a reminder to all that we will be holding our Candidate Forum tomorrow at the Schaumburg Public Library, 130 S. Roselle Rd. at7:00to 9:30.   It will be an interesting evening I urge all you are voting in the 8th District to attend.

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8th District Candidates Debate

Thank you to all who attended the Candidate Debate in Schaumburg last night.  The debate was spirited and informative and there will be others before the primary so if you couldn't make it last night b e sure to attend the next one, details will follow.   The 8th district is energetic and ready to hold this district that we worked so hard to win in 2010 and will not give it back to the progressives in spite of the hack job done by the…


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Joe Walsh Town Hall

This has just been brought to the attention of Awaken America - the great awakening group

This just came in from a friend today.  FYI, in case you want to attend, such as to support Joe.  If so, keep in mind that these people obviously want to create a confrontation to draw media attention.  Don't play into that.

---------------------- is protesting Joe Walsh's Townhall

Hi All,

TODAY Thursday, September 1st:

I just found out that…


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Activiists Training

Palatine activists eager to Get Out the Vote

Folks in Chicago's northwest suburbs have a real desire to get out the votes in 2012. Carol Ann Parisi and the active Palatine area group "The Great Awakening" coaxed almost 70 activists, candidate and campaign managers out to Hotel Bellero today to…


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8th District

Five Questions for Duckworth as she accepts Durbin's Endorsement

from the Illinois Republican Party

1. Do you agree with Senator Durbin that taxes should be increased?

2. Since you’re accepting Sen. Durbin’s endorsement at a local business,…


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Cook County GOP Chairmanship

O'Connell interested in Cook County GOP Chairmanship

Oconnell2 WHEELING - Wheeling Township…


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2010 U.S. Census

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Iowa Straw Poll

The Iowa Republican Straw Poll event shows just how pathetic the IL GOP really is

My friends, you should have been there in Iowa to see…


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An Open Letter to Jan Schakowsky

Structural Aviation Mechanics, Naval Air Station Pensacola

Dear Rep. Schakowsky:


I noted with interest and alarm your comments on Hardball with Chris Matthews, which aired on MSNBC on May 11, as referenced in the Daily Caller (


You stated that young people are “getting over this feeling that maybe America’s kind of a loser” since Osama bin Laden’s death.


You also described bin…


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Stop the Union Takeover of the Railroads and Air Lines

HR 658  La Tourette/Costello Amendment will be coming up for a vote either Thursday or next week Thursday this

amendment calls for the FAA Reauthorizatin &  Reform Act of 2011 Please read this link form Red State and then…


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Budgets Cuts

Our Illinois Representatives in the House  started out on a bad foot last night when

7 of the Reps. voted against the Amendment for an addl. 22 billion in cuts to be added to the 60 billion they passed (remember they promised100 billion).


If any of these 7 are in your district please call them and let them know how

disapointed you are in them  Judy Biggert 13th, Kinzinger 11, Schock 18th, Schilling 17th, Johnson 15th Roskam 6th and Dold 10th.

While your…


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Presidential Straw Poll

Senator Kirk and Chairman Brady Announce Illinois

"Pre-Presidential" GOP Primary Straw Poll November 5, 2011


Chicago, IL. 2/5/2011-

This evening, in front of hundreds of volunteers and activists at the Centennial birthday celebration for President Ronald Reagan, Senator Mark Kirk and Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady announced a November 5, 2011 "Pre-Presidential Primary" straw poll for Republican voters in Illinois. The poll will occur one year and a…


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Way to go Chicago

Government Is Hiring!

by Mark Cavers

According to Crain's Chicago Business, government entities are the…


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Schaumburg Taxes

 Township Holds Tax Appeal Seminar on Feb 8

A tax appeal seminar for Schaumburg Township homeowners on how to appeal their new assessments will be held at 7pm on February 8 at Schaumburg High School, 1100 W. Schaumburg Road.


Staff from the Cook County Assessor's Office will be there to file appeals. Residents need to bring the reassessment notice they received in the mail or their property tax bills. The deadline to appeal for Schaumburg Township is February 22.


For… Continue

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Delete Comment

According to the Daily Caller today Sen. Jim De Mint introduced a bill to repeal Obamacare in the Senate yesterday.  This bill was co-signed by 34 Republicans,

however, 11 Republicans were not on board.   Our Senator Mark Kirk is one of them.  WHAT??????????       Time to get on the phones.

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Raise the Debt Ceiling Absolutely Not

Dear Fellow Conservative:


I'm writing to share an important Wall Street Journal op-ed written by newly-elected Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), which outlines how we can freeze the debt ceiling without defaulting on our debt obligations. Senator Toomey's argument is nothing short of a game changer in the debt limit debate.


Senator Toomey correctly points out that if the debt limit is reached later this year, the government will still have plenty of money to service the national…


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In the old days, Republican and Democrat party leaders were elected by voters (that means these party leaders were elected by YOU and other people who voted in the primary elections).


About 20 years ago a few Republicans staged a power grab, and took away your right to vote for the party officials.  The Republican state party leaders are now elected by committeemen.  However, the Democratic voters still have the right to vote for their leaders.


Because of these changes,…


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