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Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin.  Changes he (and their legislature) put in place took the state from the Red to the black.  Now the unions are working to recall him. 


If you are interested in a way that you can help from your home, you can sign up at the The process sounds a lot like what we will be doing to verify voter registrations later in 2012.

We are working with Verify The Recall to help verify the recall signatures.  You can go to to get more info on helping.  As of a few weeks ago they already had over 6500 volunteers from across the country signed up to help.  Tell your volunteers to sign up on the recall website and in a week or two there will be more instruction sent out on how they can help.  It will be a very simple process of receiving a pdf doc of the handwritten signatures on the recall petitions, the volunteers will type the names into the database and we will be able to determine if the signatures are valid, duplicates or multiples.

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