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This was originally posted in September of 2010.....  we are going to need this for VICTORY 2012!!!Comment by carol ann parisi on September 8, 2010 at…Continue


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CONSERVATIVE CITIZEN ACTIVIST -the precinct strategy and beyond 2 Replies

This is a huge component to the Victory that we actively participated in this November..We must grow our ground game this is where the magic is made, the secret sauce for VICTORY and influence the…Continue


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MELISSA BEAN VOTING RECORD(please note at the bottom of this page is an attachment you can make copies to pass out ) Melissa Beans voting record and actions under the 111th Congress are unacceptable…Continue

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Comment by carol ann parisi on December 10, 2011 at 4:41pm

Comment by carol ann parisi on October 6, 2010 at 7:27am

1. Healthcare

a. 150 New Bureaucracies

b. Large tax increases on middle class and elderly

c. Destruction of the Private Insurance market

2. Cap and Trade

a. Massive middle class tax increase

b. Financial Instrument Creation Scheme

c. It won’t reduce carbon dioxide

3. $800 Billion Stimulus

a. Tax Cuts stimulate better than spending

b. Unemployment has remained higher, not lower

c. Increasing Government employment is a zero sum game that destroys private sector jobs
Comment by carol ann parisi on October 4, 2010 at 5:17pm

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “If You Like Your Current Plan, You Will Be Able To Keep It. Let Me Repeat
That: If You Like Your Plan, You'll Be Able To Keep It.” (President
Obama, Remarks At The White House, Washington, D.C., 7/21/09)

* “3M Co. Confirmed It Would Eventually Stop Offering Its Health-Insurance Plan To Retirees”

“3M Co. Confirmed It Would Eventually Stop Offering Its Health-Insurance Plan To Retirees, Citing The Federal Health Overhaul As A Factor.” (“3M To Change Health-Plan Options For Workers,” The
Wall Street Journal, 10/4/10)

· “The St. Paul, Minn., Manufacturing Conglomerate Notified Employees On Friday That
It Would Change Retiree Benefits Both For Those Who Are Too Young To Qualify
For Medicare And For Those Who Qualify For The Medicare Program. Both Groups
Will Get An Unspecified Health Reimbursement Instead Of Having Access To A
Company-Sponsored Health Plan.” (“3M To Change Health-Plan Options For Workers,” The
Wall Street Journal, 10/4/10)

· “The Maker Of Post-It Notes And Scotch Tape Said It Made The Announcement Now To
Give Retirees A Chance To Explore Different Options During This Year's
Benefit-Enrollment Period,
according to a 3M memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. A 3M spokeswoman,
Jacqueline Berry, confirmed the contents of the memo.” (“3M To Change Health-Plan Options For Workers,” The
Wall Street Journal, 10/4/10)

* The 840,000 People Covered By Principal Financial Group Insurance Plans Will Have To Change Coverage

“The Principal Financial Group Announced On Thursday That It Planned To Stop Selling Health Insurance, Another Sign Of Upheaval Emerging Among Insurers As The New
Federal Health Law Starts To Take Effect. The Company, Based In Iowa, Provides
Coverage To About 840,000 People Who Receive Their Insurance Through An
Employer.” (“Insurer
Cuts Health Plans As New Law Takes Hold,” The New York Times, 10/1/10)

“At The Principal Financial Group, The Company’s Decision Reflected Its Assessment Of Its Ability To Compete In The Environment Created By The New Law. ‘Now scale really matters,’
said Daniel J. Houston, a senior executive at Principal, which is headquartered
in Des Moines. ‘We don’t have a significant concentration in any one market.’
Because Principal Financial is primarily in the business of asset management,
it decided not to make the investments needed to remain competitive as a health
insurer, Mr. Houston said. The company, which focused on plans sold to small
businesses for their employees, does not participate in other markets, like
selling policies to individuals or for people enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid.” (“Insurer
Cuts Health Plans As New Law Takes Hold,” The New York Times, 10/1/10)

“In The Case Of Principal Financial, UnitedHealth Group’s Insurance Plans Have Agreed To Offer Coverage To Principal’s Customers. … ‘It’s just going to drive
the little guys out,’ said Robert Laszewski, a health policy consultant in
Alexandria, Va. Smaller players like Principal in states like Iowa, Missouri
and elsewhere will not be able to compete because they do not have the
resources and economies of scale of players like UnitedHealth, which is among
the nation’s largest health insurers. Mr. Laszewski is worried that the ensuing
concentration is likely to lead to higher prices because large players will no
longer face the competition from the smaller plans. ‘It’s just the
UnitedHealthcare full employment act,’ he said.” (“Insurer
Cuts Health Plans As New Law Takes Hold,” The New York Times, 10/1/10)
Comment by carol ann parisi on September 30, 2010 at 9:56pm
Not sure who the candidates are?

Need their website to find out more about them?

This site is pretty comprehensive.
It provides the candidates with links to their campaign site.

Click the following link to be taken to the site
where you will click on your state:
Comment by carol ann parisi on September 28, 2010 at 3:58pm
Comment by carol ann parisi on September 11, 2010 at 7:45am

Mark Lloyd: Put down the party hats and put on the work gloves

By: Mark Lloyd
OpEd Contributor
September 10, 2010

It is far past the time for true patriots to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The liberal Democrats and their "community organizers" learned long ago that elections are won around kitchen tables and front porches.

Too many in the Tea Party movement think that big crowds, funny hats, and clever signs will convince the undecided and uneducated voters to get to the polls and save this Republic.

Enough already with the D.C. rallies that draw tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of concerned Americans away from the real task at hand – stopping Obama from being able to accomplish the rest of his legislative agenda next session.

It is time to take this movement into every home, in every community, all over the countryside and reignite the true spark of liberty in the hearts of our neighbors.

This weekend, there will be more than one hundred volunteers working to educate voters in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia's Ninth Congressional district about the voting record of their incumbent member of Congress, Rep. Rick Boucher.

They will be reaching 10 voters an hour over an eight-hour period, educating more than 8,000 people in a single day. In Maryland, critical primary elections are coming Tuesday, yet volunteers are being drained from helping candidates to attend a D.C. rally.

One volunteer leader even went so far as to respond to a call to help this weekend by urging her members to come to a D.C. rally because, "This is the last time we will have to tell this Administration how we feel."

Exactly wrong! Election day is the last time that we get to tell this administration how we feel, and all the rallies in the world won't matter if we fall short on election day due to wasting the enormous time, energy and money of the tea party activists on made for television rallies.

Obama strategist David Plouffe is sending out videos urging Obama supporters to win the "ground game." Contacting voters, walking precincts, making phone calls, helping campaigns win.

Yet, some national Tea Party "leaders" are urging their followers to spend their time, energy and money trekking back to D.C. one more time, after just two short weeks ago, Glenn Beck's rally drew between 250,000 and 500,000 of the same supporters.

Imagine the staggering impact that 250,000 of the people who attended these rallies instead had spent that eight hours working for the candidate of their choice contacting 10 voters an hour each. That would be 2.5 million voters reached an hour, and 20 million voters reached on one weekend day.

Reaching and educating 20 million voters is the difference between shifting 60-80 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and only shifting 35. Yet, for some reason, the Washington, D.C. intelligentsia continues to call those most likely to put their shoulders to the hard work of winning their neighborhoods back to D.C. to appear as little more than astroturf props.

While I am certain that these national tea party organizers have the best of intentions, it has to provide comfort to Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and give them a good chuckle, to know that while their union machine is hitting the ground to defend their freedom-squelching majority in Congress, the ground troops for free enterprise and individual liberty are busily mounting their vehicles and travelling once again to a media show in D.C.

It makes one question their real motives, and wonder whether they really want to win after all.

Mark Lloyd is chairman of the Lynchburg, VA, Tea Party. He is a U.S. Naval veteran, a Boy Scout leader, and a salesman.
Comment by carol ann parisi on September 8, 2010 at 7:55pm
Building a GOTV Army of Activists
Recruitment [and Starting a Personal Database]
Getting Out the Vote (GOTV) begins with you and your ability to recruit people who feel as you do about
changing the state of our nation. The most effective way to recruit people for GOTV is to start with those who
are closes to you, beginning with your personal acquaintances−your family and your friends.
Next, have conversations with your friends at work. Find out whether they feel as you do about the state of our
nation and, if you are in agreement, ask them to help coordinate GOTV with their family and friends.
Don't let opportunities pass you by.
If you are at a barbecue, it is easy to strike up a conversation about the economy or your local politician. If you
find that you share similar political views with the person you are speaking with, you can begin a discussion
about how important it is to vote and even ask the person if he or she would be willing to help with GOTV.
Some good sources for GOTV activists are:
At the Personal Level
• Family
• Friends
• Clubs (e.g, gun clubs, bowling clubs, etc.)
At work [For employees only—If you are an employer, see "Dos & Don'ts for Employers"]
At the Community/Neighborhood Level
• At the pool
• At the diner
• At the Cocktail Party
At the State Level
• Local or state chapters of already existing groups or associations (e.g., Assoc. Builders & Contractors,
NRA, GOA, NFIB, tea parties, Chambers of Commerce, etc.)
• Group affiliations (Motorcycle clubs)

Comment by carol ann parisi on July 16, 2010 at 8:19am

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