The Great Awakening-In God We Trust


Awaken for the Legacy..... this program will be rolling out after 2013...  look for it !!!!

"Leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation."
Alan Autry


"The goal of many leaders is to get people to think more highly of the leader. The goal of a great leader is to help people to think more highly of themselves."

J. Carla Nortcutt

Robert K. Greenleaf (d. 1990) was a corporate executive who became disenchanted with top-down, authoritarian leadership styles in major corporations. In 1964, he left the corporate world and founded the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. He spent the rest of his career consulting with major corporations, institutions, and organizations—spreading the idea that the best leaders are those who are servant leaders. The servant-leadership movement continues to grow worldwide.

Long before Robert K. Greenleaf coined a new term and model for leadership, Jesus was employing it in His own ministry. Servant leaders were a rarity in Jesus’ day; the religious leaders of that day promoted their own authority and prominence. But Jesus set aside His authority when He came to earth to be a servant to mankind. What motivates someone to serve others? Nothing short of unconditional love. Servant-leaders seek the best interests of those they lead, expecting nothing in return. Jesus’ love for the world motivated Him to serve by sacrificing His life for us.

Jesus demonstrated the depths of His love by sacrificing His life as a servant.

A Christian man is a perfectly dutiful servant, subject of all, subject to all.
Martin Luther



Fast paced, actionable, and guaranteed 

Here's a peek at the action-packed lesson plan!

  • Part 1 - Leaders Are Made, Not Born - 5 Lectures: Get the roadmap that has propelled thousands of people just like you into powerful leadership positions. 
  • ​Part 2 - A Visionary Mindset - 7 Lectures: Unlock your special ability to bring ground-breaking ideas to each and every project you're involved in. 
  • ​​Part 3 - Integrity: The Most Respected Leadership Quality - 7 Lectures: In this section, you’ll further develop the single, most respected leadership quality: Integrity.
  • Part 4 - Strategic Planning - 6 Lectures: "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail." In this section, you'll discover the importance of Strategic Planning on your path towards leadership greatness.
  • Part 5 - Project Management - 6 Lectures: Learn how to effectively manage projects, no matter the odds.
  • Part 6 - Courage & Risk Management - 7 Lectures: Taking risks doesn't have to be scary or hard. We'll discuss the Keys to Courage, and what it takes to deal with adversity.
  • ​Part 7 - Effective Communication Techniques - 9 Lectures: Your ability to communicate successfully determines 85% of your success in life.
  • ​Part 8 - Fostering A Winning Teamwork Environment: Your ability to work cooperatively with others is the most important skill you can develop if you want to be a great leader.
  • ​Part 9 - Taking Action - 5 Lectures: Great leaders are action-oriented and constantly moving their companies forward. 
  • ​Part 10 - Your Final Steps to Leadership - 2 Closing Lectures: Now it's time to wrap it all up, and propel you to the next great project! 


“Nemo resideo” is Latin for “no one left behind"?


It was a critical part of the Roman Legion morale, and most modern military branches believe in this concept. 


It may sound cliche, but that’s because there’s always an element of truth in cliches. 


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