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Comment by carol ann parisi on April 17, 2022 at 2:06pm

Comment by carol ann parisi on April 17, 2022 at 8:45am

He is risen! He is risen indeed.

 The moment that Jesus rose from the grave, sin and death were defeated on our behalf...granting us eternal life through His sacrifice. 

Easter is a time to celebrate family, friends and faith. Faith means something different to everyone. 

In America our traditional values and moral character strengthen the very fabric of society. A safe community, and a Great Nation, starts at home and in our community.

Those that uphold traditional values like integrity, respect, discipline and hard work produce children who grow up to be strong, happy, productive, and respected members of society.

This Resurrection Sunday, when you are celebrating with your friends and family, take a few moments to soak in and realize just how important gatherings and celebrations like this are to keeping traditional values intact.

 Be Blessed this Easter, Passover and Resurrection Sunday wishing you season full of happiness, rejuvenation, good health and time to reconnect with what’s most important to you.
AWAKEN AMERICA The Great Awakening Yasha Prayerforce Team are so grateful for you and pray that you are blessed beyond measure.
Be Well, Be Blessed, Be Free and Be the Change you wish to see,


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