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Comment by carol ann parisi on June 9, 2022 at 7:37pm

The news is undeniable:

We’re entering a shortage of everything: food, oil, and other resources.

A great war is on the horizon in the East.

The dollar is being debased more rapidly than ever.

The entire economy is poised to pop under the weight of the trillions upon trillions of debt tied up in student loans, credit cards, houses, and more.

Some kind of "apocalypse" feels close.

At the very least, hard times are ahead.

Hell, hard times are here!

And I want you to have the best chance at surviving these unprecedented times.

The only way to do that is to TRAIN for survival.

Knowledge and skills are the way to overcome any challenge.

Do you want to know how to …

  • Raise all of your eggs and meat while producing a cubic yard of the world’s best compost per week… for free?

  • Activate your network to find solutions and restart life when times get tough?

  • Build your empire through homesteading and self-employment (while the Evil Empire crumbles)?

  • Move from the city to a homestead and avoid common mistakes and implement best practices?

  • Gain the mindset, tactics, skill, and gear appropriate to the defense of one’s homestead?

  • Handle a medical accident, incident, or illness on your own within the first 3 days?

  • Use, rehab, and maintain your hand tools – pruners, axes, mauls, shovels, hoes, garden forks, and more?

  • Build water catchment tanks that are affordable and simple step-by-step?

  • Learn to 3D print guns, knit fabrics, blacksmith weapons, and keep bees?


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