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In a not widely published article by the Chicago Tribune came this juicy tidbit of information: Thanks to Nancy J. Horner for bringing it to the forefront.

The crux of the matter at hand it:

Consider the credited Chicago Tribune commentary that Illinois ranks #8 on the list of governments worldwide by CMA, a London-based credit information company, who evaluates countries (and in this case states) having the highest percentage probabilities of defaulting on payments to bondholders. Greece is #1 and Portugal is #10. Sandwiched between are the State of Illinois at #8, with California following Illinois at #9

With the Triumvirate of Doom [don Madigan, don Cullerton, "Larry Fine" Quinn] at the helm of this sinking ship, there should be little reason to wonder of this "progress". Take a look at the top ranking failed cities/states in this country and note the common thread: democrat leadership. Why should it be assumed that the U.S.S. Illinois isn't going to sink with the rest of the "ships" already sinking? But just like a Cubs fan, we have reason for hope: Illinois beat out even California to the #8 slot of governments most likely to default! A truly great acheivement for the Triumvirate of Doom!

This great news does not have lack of company, though. On another note comes the SALARY RAISES that "Larry" passed out to all his staffers. Imagine the chutzpah; the raw temerity, it took "Larry" to stand up and say, "IN YOUR FACE ILLINOISANS! WE ARE PASSING THESE RAISES WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" Of course those staffers are... "overworked" and deserve the raise in pay. No one else on planet Earth works hard or extra hours these days deserving of such a raise (that is if you even HAVE a job)!

The irony of this blatant 'slap in your face' comes with little fanfare from reigning democrats in Springfield. There is no 'outrage' over this news of Illinois being #8 in the TOP 10 of ready-to-default governments. There is no 'outrage' over "Larry's" passing out huge pay increases to "staffers" during a time of an apocolyptic financial crisis. There is no reporting, or investigating, from our totally worthless news media on WHY did the congress take a vacation away from their responsibility of passing a state budget by the required due date. No 'outrage'; no 'concern'; don't give a DAMN at all: Your DEMOCRAT leaders in "action", Illinois! HELLO Mr. VIVERITO? HELLO Mr. ZALEWSKI? ARE YOU THERE?!?

But if you're DAN DUFFY and you call out the blatant impropriety of another politically connected patronage hiring in the form of CARRIE ZALEWSKI [] by "Larry" Quinn because her husband happens to be state rep. MIKEY ZALEWSKI [D-21st] and her sponsor happens to be LOUIS VIVERITO [D-11th] (both "representing" the same area), the very fires of HELL from Democrat-strangled congress in Springfield with descend upon you mercilessly!!!

Carrie was said to be the "best qualified" for the position out of 50 potential candidates—who most likely DIDN'T have politically connected spouses and politician friends to sponsor them, thus their inelligibility. The "outrage" at DAN DUFFY for bringing attention to this impropriety from Democrats gained more fanfare, more publicity, more attention than the fact that Democrats WALKED away from setting a budget on it's required due date, the fact that Illinois ranks 8th as potentially defaulting, and "Larry" Quinn's outrageous pay raises.This is NO laughing matter and should be a COLD SHOWER to anyone who gives a damn about Illinois going the way of California, Detroit and NY. If you live in Viverito's and Zalewski's districts, like I unfortunately do, please VOTE THEM OUT! I certainly will. They are intrinsically part of the cancer that Illinois is suffering and NOT part of the solution.

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