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The Kahn CON.. connection

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Subject: The Khans


*Mrs. Khan....the plot thickens*
  *This was Barack Obama with Khizr Khan's wife in 2009. She was not in her Muslim garb. And if you think they accidentally ended up at the DNC convention, think again. Khan is a Dem CON man, and prop of the Left. He's
  Muslim Brotherhood affiliated, and a professor who teaches and practices Sharia.*
  *What was Mr. Kahn's true reason for this speech. His son died 12 years ago in a war Mr. Trump did not agree with but Hillary did.*
  *Could the CLINTON Foundation have anything to do with his speaking at the DNC?*
  *Khizr Muazzam Khan graduated in Punjab University Law College,  as the New York Times confirms, and he specialized in International Trade Law in Saudi Arabia. An interest lawyer for Islamic oil companies Khan wrote a paper called,  'In Defense of OPEC', to defend the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), an intergovernmental oil company consisting of mainly Islamic countries. Khan is a promoter of Islamic Sharia Law. Khan is also co-founder of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law  (Islamic Sharia).*
  *The law firm, Hogan, Hartson and Lovells, for which Mr. Kahn worked, COINCIDENTALLY is also the law firm for the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, the tax lawyers for Bill & Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation, which is also where Loretta Lynch worked. In addition, they also represent a small tech firm in Denver, CO.  The same tech firm that "managed"  Hillary's private server.*
  *The COLLUSION AND CORRUPTION RUNS DEEPER THAN IMAGINABLE. No wonder the media is falling all over itself to defend this man.*

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