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The Senate was scheduled to begin their August recess yesterday, but is staying in session throughout the weekend so Democrats can push forward on the newest version of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda—a monstrous bill with over $700 billion in new taxes and over $400 billion in spending on Left-wing priorities.

After Congress fueled inflation with record spending, Democrats are now trying to message that even more spending will now decrease inflation.

They have titled their tax & spending bill, the “Inflation Reduction Act.” This is doublespeak worthy of George Orwell’s 1984.

Here are THREE simple reasons to oppose this bill—it will:

Sen Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) has agreed to be the final vote needed to bring the bill to closure. This is a mistake. Once this vote takes place there will be a “vote-a-rama” where an unlimited number of amendments can be proposed.

During this process Republicans will introduce a variety of amendments to improve this bad bill—and you may even see some Democrats vote in support. But watch for the hypocrisy. Senator Schumer will ensure that the final amendment is a “wrap-around” amendment to strip out good amendments that Republicans got passed.

So what you’ll see is Democrats vote for a policy so they can claim credit, and then turn around and support Manchin’s amendment to strip it out. They’ll be for it, and then against it. Total flip-flops!

As the Senate is debating and voting on this bill this weekend, you should take time today to call your Senators and oppose it.

>>> Call your Senators today

If the Senate passes this misnamed spending bill, it will then go to the House for a vote—likely by this Friday.

If that’s the case any House member who votes in support would have to defend their position on these policies, right before a major election—let’s take a look…

Drive Up Energy Costs

Everyone knows the price of gas and energy has gone up dramatically since Biden took office. His administration has pursued an environmentalist ideology that is choking the oil and gas industry and driving up the cost of energy.

Now, the attacks have expanded as this bill seeks to “reduce carbon emissions by roughly 40 percent by 2030.” It is estimated that such restrictions on carbon emissions will cause significant economic turmoil.

Green costs Green (2).png

Nobody in Congress should vote for this bill, and Senator Sinema, who was the final vote needed for closure in the Senate, has voted against her constituents. 56% of the electricity Arizona consumes is produced either by natural gas or coal. Over half of the energy consumed by Arizona would continue to go up in price and wreak havoc on the savings of Arizona families, and the rest of the nation.

More IRS Audits

This bill would give $80 billion of additional funding to the IRS specifically for the purpose of boosting their ability to collect taxes. Most individual audit examinations target those who make less than $50,000. Historically, these are the people who have disproportionately faced recommended tax adjustments.

To make matters worse, Democratic Presidents have a history of weaponizing federal agencies against conservatives…

  • Obama used the IRS to target the Tea Party in 2013
  • Biden’s DOJ labeled parents who spoke out against CRT as “domestic terrorists” within the past year
  • Biden’s DOJ has recently sued Idaho for implementing Pro-Life laws.

An increase in IRS manpower and resources should worry every conservative individual and organization that they may be on the receiving end of a targeted audit-attack just for being conservative.

Raise Taxes in a Recession

Biden promised over and over again that he would never raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000. With this bill, Biden is breaking his promise. This bill would disproportionately tax individuals making less than...

Inflation Reducation Act graphic .png

In the middle of a recession, taking money away from those struggling the most is simply cruel.

>>> Call Your Senators /a>

Take action! It is crucial that this bill be stopped. Call your Senators today, and your representatives next week—tell them to vote “NO” on this disaster of a bill.

The increasing cost of red-tape compliance is burden on businesses large and small. And the Securities and Exchange commission is drafting new regulations at three times the average pace.

Here's one example. The SEC proposed a rule that would require public companies to speculate in their financial disclosures about the potential impact of future “climate-related events” on their performance and on the performance of their entire value chain. That means they would have to estimate the cost of climate change on every supplier, contractor, etc. Even the SEC admits this regulation could nearly triple the cost of being a publicly traded company.

Overregulation is never a good idea, but during a recession and record inflation, it's simply ludicrous.

>>> Read more from vice president Garrett Bess in the Wall...

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