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Be Prepared for Shortages of Everything

Be Prepared for Shortages of Everything

Are you prepared for the upcoming foodshortage???  The current supply shortages are nothing to what’s coming. We can expect just about everything to be in short supply, including food and energy. This is all part of The Great Reset plan to manufacture dependency on government, which in turn will be taken over by private interests and central banks through the collapse of the global economy and supply chain.

So, get prepared! Now’s actually a great time to transition over to a reusable strategy for your monthly menses, leaving you with one less thing to worry about as basic supplies start to dwindle. Other key areas of basic preparation include:

Food — Grow some of your own food, make friends with local farmers, create or join a local CSA, and shore up your long-term food stores. (Rather than panic buying mass quantities all at once, consider spreading it out and just buy a little more than you need for the day or week each time you go shopping. You can build up a backup supply rather quickly that way)

Water — Identify sources of potable water and make sure you have one or more ways to purify questionable water supplies

Power — Consider how you might power some of the essentials in your home if there are rolling blackouts, or the electrical grid goes down altogether

Firearms training for self defense and hunting — Learn how to use, store, carry and clean a firearm and work on your marksmanship. Other forms of self-defense training can also be useful, if nothing else, to make you feel more competent and confident in potentially high-risk situations

Communications — Give some thought to how you will communicate with friends and family if cell towers and/or internet goes down

Medicine — Stock up on nutritional supplements, medications, how-to books on alternative home remedies and first-aid supplies

Money — Keep cash on hand, including smaller denominations. Both power grid and internet outages can eliminate your ability to buy without cash. For more long-term protection against inflation, consider buying physical precious metals such as gold and silver

Remember to consider and include analog devices and manual tools in your preparation. We’re so used to having unlimited electricity and continuous wireless communications, it can be difficult to imagine the restrictions you’ll face without them. If need be, turn off the breakers in your home for a day or two, ditch all wireless devices, and see what challenges come up. Then, figure out what you need to solve them.

Also, consider keeping hardcopies of useful books and important documents, such as your most recent bank statements, asset statements, the deed to your home or car and so on. Entire books have been written on prepping, and some will take it to extremes. But everyone, at this point, really ought to be preparing, to some degree, for shortages of food, energy and basic goods.

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