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What is 47544?.... well a better question is WHO is 47544????

The secret code of these numbers belong to card carrying Commie mentor to ....... no other than.....  THE OCCUPIER OF THE PEOPLES WHITE HOUSE...  Mr Dreams from my Father himself....  Barrak Huessien Obama....  shoot my mamma used to say "show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are"...... maybe that's a little old fashioned... but really this A Computational Model of Reputation by Association is factual... some examples in the research here  some even say this is true of your income      here are some examples from The Bible    Old Fashioned or Just a TRUTH that stands the Test of Time?????  Something to think about .......  Here is some info on 47544  

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Sounds like the prisoner number in Les Miserables ... but it's Obama mentor and communist Soviet Union supporter Frank Marshall Davis, who was admittedly a major influence on Obama as a student in Hawaii

Read "The Communist" by Paul Kengor - find it on Amazon

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