The Great Awakening-In God We Trust

The first time I heard of the Gray Panthers I was 19. Yep 19.
Well guess what, I looked in the mirror this morning and it
appears I'm now a Gray Panther, at least I choose to think of
myself that way. BTW the year was 1970.
I mention this because for some weeks now those on the left in
order to intimidate those of us on the right into passing Immigration
Reform that every week 66k Hispanics turn 18.
I was a bit depressed hearing that, but then I remembered that for
years I've been hearing that 10k Baby Boomers are retiring every DAY!
OK let's do the math. 66k per week, 10k x 7 humm that's 70k per week!
Guess what for the next 18 years we have a net gain of 4k per week or
208k per year advantage! So for those next 18 years our group gains

Now that you know that here is what we NEED to do ASAP!
This is going to be voted on FIRST week in December.

1. We need to call our Representative and Senators and to help them get
a backbone give them those numbers, and tell them not to worry about
losing the Hispanic vote but to worry about losing our vote.

2. They must ONLY pass a 2-3 month C.R. so that those that were elected
2 weeks ago can do what they were sent to D.C. to do. If not and things
go as planned and the C.R. is extended until the end of next September
then for those in the House half of their term will be wasted!
3. NO NET NEUTRALITY, to borrow a word, PERIOID! Trust me it will
take too long to explain all the reasons why but on this one you just have to
take my word on it.
EVERY registered voter in every household that gets this email MUST call their
Representative and both Senators. Then you need to send them email stating
the same things. Hope you get counted twice.
Then forward this email to everyone you know in as many different states as
possible. We need to reach as many of those in D.C. as we can.
Part 2
Send the following tweet to Rush, Hannity, Beck, Ingram and Levin:
In light of 11/4 elections House needs 2 pass 2-3 mo. CR so new Congress
can deal w/Obama lets melt the phone lines!
Only have 140 spaces so tough to change that around but if you can get the
important points across go for it, if not copy and paste.
If I left your favorite talk show host off by all means go for it!
Then if you are so inclined go add Speaker Boeher and send the same
tweet just leave off the "lets melt the phone lines"
Thanks for doing your part in helping to take our country back. Oh yeah speaking
of taking things don't forget the Geritol.

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perfect ...just perfect

I'm still trying to come to terms with the "Election Did Not Change A Thing"! Possibly made it worse.

The control of the GOP is still in the wrong hands with no challenge to their positions.

Yes I'm what I call a "Gray Patriot" trying to start a business selling  a product and service that no one needs in an economy that's in the toilet.

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