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Go Viral---CLEAR ACT added on to rescheduled Disclose Act Tomorrow 9/23!!!!

Congress just doesn't give up....we have to make those calls one more time!

Just talked to Senate - Harry Reid is at it again. The DISCLOSE ACT has been
scheduled to be voted on again tomorrow, Thursday, 9/23.

While you're calling, the CLEAR ACT (which passed the House on 7/30/10 -
passed with 209 DEMS and 193 NO VOTES - 39 DEMS voted no and 2 Rep.
voted yes - Ellers and Tim Johnson from IL) has been pulled and could
possibly be added to the military bill. PLEASE MAKE CALLS! By voting
for HR3534, aka, CLEAR Act, the House of Representative's voted to give
the regulatory control for American land and oceans to the UNITED
NATIONS. Upcoming Senate vote will seal the deal!!

Piece by piece, America being given away.... CLEAR Act (HR3534) is a
globalist bill designed to: * give away American Ocean, and Sea
regulation rights to the United Nations * makes American
Taxpayers pay $900 million per year until 2040. * HR3534
implements climate change legislation, youth education propoganda
* BUT MOST IMPORTANT, HR 3534 mandates American membership in the Law
of the Sea Treaty without required US Senate two-thirds vote to ratify
this treaty. Congress is useless.

How could this happen? Wonder why this Administration took little or no action on the
Gulf for 100 days? Timing is everything. A crisis was needed to try to
pass deplorable laws. SENATORS READ THE BILL... The House just gave away
our sovereignty and we are paying $900,000,000 a year until 2040.

It is up to you America... Contact your senators. Insist that America stay
America - retaining sovereign rights to its oceans, lands, waterways,
Great Lakes, our accompanying commercial and recreational fishing and
food sources. VOTE NO ON THE CLEAR ACT!!!

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